Crikey! Right Between The Eyes

I was delighted to receive a pre-publication copy of Andy Nulman’s book, Pow! Right Between the Eyes: Profiting from the Power of Surprise.  The covering letter addressed me as a journalist, perhaps to ingratiate themselves with me but that’s fine.  I’m well into the book and it’s a good read and very thought-provoking.

Some may wonder why I’ve used the word Crikey! rather than POW! in the title of this post.  Since a search for POW Surprise in Google already puts this blog as #1 currently, I hesitated to divert attention from the master.  Crikey is a word that has come onto my radar screen after many years’ absence and I think it’s a very fine word.  You can check an earlier post if you want more elucidation.

As for Andy Nulman, I’m delighted he’s adopting the Chris Anderson approach of blogging about upcoming books.  It’s an excellent way of doing things.  In a recent post, he mentions that the 800ceoread blog will be featuring a series of videos about the book.  It’s a great way of getting the flavor of the book.  Here’s the first video, POW! | Round 1.  Check it out, you’ll enjoy it.