BWelford’s Top Picks To November 30, 2008

This is the online version of the SMM Newsletter.  It is a selection of the most popular posts written during the past two weeks. We hope you will find this round-up instructive and in some cases amusing. You can receive an e-mail version of this if you prefer.  In that case, please subscribe at the top of the right sidebar.

The blogs in which the posts appeared are indicated by the following abbreviations after the date:  BPW = BPWrap; TOBB = The Other Bloke’s Blog;  SGL = StayGoLinks; SS = SEO-Scoop, a Search Engine People blog

The Internet is Twitter – 11/29/2008   BPW 
Social media such as Twitter typify the massive communication potential of the Internet. Although it is chaotic, perhaps surveys can provide order.
Reputation Management and Social Media – 11/29/2008 SGL 
Reputation management was possible although sometimes unethical before social media. Now companies must be an active part of the dialogue.
Traditional British Pubs Face Death – 11/28/2008   TOBB 
British Pubs are closing as visitors no longer wish to pay the increasing taxes on beer. The new generation may wish to spend more time online.
Standing Out In Social Media – Miss Manners or Mis-Behavior – 11/25/2008 SS 
Following the rules of netiquette may mean you are invisible in social media. Surprise marketing may be more ‘in your face’.
Benefit of Clouds in Africa – 11/23/2008  BPW 
Cloud computing accessed via cell phones or iphones brings powerful computing to many hands and can open up the way crises are reported.
Tom Clancys Endwar Voice Commands – 11/23/2008 SGL
Tom Clancy’s Endwar from Ubisoft uses voice technology. It works reasonably well in handling problem accents but limits functionality.
Abu Dhabi Brand Faith News Flash – 11/19/2008 SGL
News flashes should not be on Flash websites since they lose Google visibility. The website needs a RSS news feed for best effectiveness.
Happy 150th Birthday, British Columbia – 11/19/2008   TOBB 
British Columbia is 150 years old on November 19, 2008 and some fine companies have grown and prospered. The 2010 Olympics offers a bright future.
Voices mumble, fingers fumble – 11/19/2008 SGL 
As cell phones get smaller, speech technology will be capable of given very user-friendly ways of using them, particularly for seniors.
Five Seconds In The Blink Of An Eye – 11/18/2008  TOBB 
Malcolm Gladwell suggested a viewer makes up his mind about a web page in the blink of an eye. The five seconds test checks out web pages.

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