BWelford’s Top Picks To 11/15/2008

This is the online version of the new-style SMM Newsletter.  It is a selection of the most popular posts written during the past two weeks. We hope you will find this round-up instructive and in some cases amusing. You can receive an e-mail version of this if you prefer.  In that case, please subscribe at the top of the right sidebar.

The blogs in which the posts appeared are indicated by the following abbreviations after the date:  BPW = BPWrap; TOBB = The Other Bloke’s Blog;  SGL = StayGoLinks; CF = Cre8tive Flow (the blog for the Cre8asite Forums); VC = Viral Conversations, a new website from Michael Gray.

Social Media: Please Keep The Noise Down – 11/14/2008 SGL
Tolerance of activities like Live Blogging in social media may be influenced by where individuals sit on the sociability scale.
POW! Surprise Marketing – Push or Pull – 11/13/2008 TOBB
Andy Nulman is the king of Surprise and his new book is a fount of advice and ideas on how best to exploit Surprise Marketing – with POW.
Random Thoughts – 11/13/2008 BPW
Many write random thoughts but randomness is an essential feature of strong and secure passwords. gives true random numbers.
Brand Canada � Aw Shucks – 11/12/2008 TOBB
Future Brand puts Canada at #2 on their National Brand scale, whereas Anholt has Canada at #4. Canada needs to be a little more brash.
Always On The Alert – 11/11/2008 BPW
Systems that provide SEO Alerts when particular conditions arise give an easy way of monitoring performance and competitive activity.
Grow Your Business– 11/11/2008 CF
The final article in the Marketing Right Now (MRN) series on Internet Marketing covers how to continue to grow your business to achieve your goals.
Barack Obama And Grassroots Leadership – 11/10/2008 SGL
The nomination of Barack Obama as President elect signals many things but the most powerful is the Internet support to grassroots leadership.
Tools and Tips to Help You Keep Up With The Latest Buzz– 11/07/2008 VC
Tools are available to identify what are hot topics in social media. These confirm the effectiveness of the Barack Obama organization in using social media.
RightNow Customer Service – 11/05/2008 SGL
Providing the customer service that satisfies customers through online software or chat services is win/win as sales growth covers costs.
Frozen UK Pensions – European Court of Human Rights – Decision – 11/05/2008 TOBB
The ECHR has rendered its Judgment in the case of the Frozen UK Pensions. Only the President of the Court dissented from the negative decision.
SMM (Social Media Marketing)– 11/04/2008 CF
Social media can absorb a great deal of human effort for negligible results. It is important to use time effectively in making your social media efforts count.
Talking Behind Your Back – 11/03/2008 SGL
Conversations will occur massively on the Internet. Companies can get involved through social media or they can leave everyone else to talk.

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