SMM Top Picks For October 2008

This is the online version of the new-style SMM Newsletter, which you can receive by e-mail by subscribing in the box at the top right.  It is a selection of the most popular posts in the three SMM blogs.  This also includes links to the Marketing Right Now article series we are writing on the Cre8tive Flow blog for Cre8asite Forums. We hope you will find them instructive and in some cases amusing.  Please add your comments below if you have suggestions on how this can be improved.


The Other Bloke’s Blog

  • Take The Google Challenge – 10/28/2008
    Having a high percentage of Google visitors may be hazardous to your long term success.
  • Joe – 10/18/2008
    With many political Joes, it’s good to remember that Canadian Joe.
  • There Is No Space In Brand – 10/09/2008
    Company names with spaces may not perform well on the Internet.
  • Watching The Clouds – 10/03/2008
    Cloud computing or SaaS (Software as a service) is the next big battleground.


  • Bigger Ads For Bigger Screens – 10/22/2008
    With few people with 800×600 screens, now is the time to use that screen real estate well.
  • The Big Footer League – 10/06/2008
    Fact-filled footers that hold the information ‘below the fold’ for those interested in scrolling down are a better use of screen real-estate.
  • Your Call Is Important To Us – Really? – 10/03/2008
    Time is important to the customer since they are not in control of what is happening.

Articles on the Cre8tive Flow Blog for Cre8asite Forums

This weekly 8-part series of articles on Marketing Right Now (MRN) started in September and the final two will be available in November.