SMM Newsletters Take A New Format

SMM has been producing newsletters since 2000 in a similar format. Clearly a change is way overdue. The relative search engine visibility of web pages versus blog posts means there is no contest. The online versions of the newsletter must be featured in a blog rather than merely on website pages. Even though the SMM newsletters have had an RSS newsfeed since 2003, they are still much less visible and require more maintenance than an equivalent series of blog posts.

A number of our readers do prefer to receive the newsletter by E-mail and that service will continue. That is why you may note the box at the top of the right sidebar by which you can subscribe to the new format SMM newsletters. The E-mail monthly newsletters will be issued at the end of every month and will feature the 10 to 12 most interesting SMM blog posts appearing during the month. The same information will appear in an online version in this blog.

There are a variety of ways such an E-mail subscription list can be handled. SMM has done all this in-house and uses a freely available software, Pimex MailExpress. As the readership is now approaching the 1000 mark, another solution will be needed.

Our research is not complete, but the e-mail marketing service from would seem to be a strong contender. Their system for bulk email marketing has very attractive economics and it handles all the readers subscriptions issues. There is a video that gives an excellent rundown of their email marketing solution. Since a 15 day free trial of iContact is available, that is the very best way to check whether their solution works for you.

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