Internet Evolution or Revolution

The Internet is certainly an example of a disruptive technology.  In other words, the old rules no longer apply. It requires a new mindset.  Evolution is normally a much more continuous process: something one gradually gets used to, I assume.

internet evolution

That clearly was not  the thinking of the creators of a new website called Internet Evolution. (Tip of the hat to Mathew Ingram).  The title of this new website is: The Macrosite for News, Analysis, and Opinion about the Future of the Internet.

Its meta description (which is far too long) reads as follows:

The next big leap forward in the history of the Internet is happening now: Internet Evolution ( is a Web 2.0 online publication dedicated to gauging the impact of the Internet on every aspect of life as we know it. A cornerstone of the site is the Thinkernet – an interactive forum where an invited assemblage of the Internet’s leading minds blog and exchange opinions, while interacting with our audience via message boards.

It certainly looks interesting and I have volunteered to be a site moderator, which should give a key vantage point to watch the revolution go by.

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