Twitter For Service

Steven Di Pietro has suggested that Twitter has Changed Customer Service Forever. As he pointed out:

It’s no longer true that one person will tell 3 people about their service experience, they may tell 15,000 people – directly! And you won’t even know it’s happening.

Good customer relationship management does require that you get any customer feedback that you can. However people are often venting their frustration on Twitter rather than sending a message.

Twitter was suggested earlier in the year as a tool for getting that elusive customer feedback although Joshua March, a customer service pro, expressed reservations:

I know that when customers have a problem, they want to speak to a real person, as easily and quickly as possible, either immediately by phone or via a quick response by direct email.

Some customer-service departments are provided merely to act as a punch bag. It is a place for customers to vent their frustration. At first glance Twitter, which connects with no one, might appear to be just an online punch bag. However you can search Twitter. Now some influential customers are signaling that Comcast for one is listening to Twitter. Michael Arrington even sees Twitter As An Early Stage Warning System For Brands And Companies.

Frank Eliason, known in Twitter as ComcastCares, is the one who does the listening for customer feedback. From the tweets he receives, I would rate this as customer relationship marketing at its best.

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