MRN – Marketing Right Now

MRN is Right on Time.

Marketing Right Now or MRN is something I hope you will be hearing a lot about. It is a series of articles that will appear on the Cre8tive Flow blog and the first one, the Introduction, launched this morning. You will find more information on this series on the MRN Marketing Right Now web page and there is also a short video that gives you more information.

The title, Marketing Right Now, was carefully chosen because it includes a double meaning. Marketing Right is fairly straightforward. Marketing on the Internet may look straightforward but is thick with hidden traps for the unwary. This series will help to provide rules and tips for better marketing in this new space.

Right Now highlights time. In doing research for the series, I have been staggered by how much is written on Time and yet how easily people accept the disrespect that many show towards time. I think it is because we have all been worn down by so many individuals and agencies that seem to treat time almost as a nothing. Your call is important to us is only the tip of the iceberg. Our expectations are low and that is usually what we receive. Time is an underlying theme in all the articles and I think you will be as amazed as I am on some of the implications.

The other pleasing thing about Marketing Right Now is the acronym, MRN. Surprisingly there are few contenders for this acronym. The one that caught my eye was MRN – Morgue Reference Number – given the morbid interest that so many people seem to have in programs like CSI and Bones. However since I had not heard it before, perhaps it is only known to the practitioners.

In announcing this new marketing series, at the same time it also signals the end of the traditional SMM newsletters, which have been ongoing since 2000. Given the visibility that Google accords to blog posts, it is now more appropriate to publish similar information on the blogs since this goes out to a wider audience. The archive of SMM newsletters will be maintained, since it still has a wide readership. An e-mail newsletter will still be available, but this will summarize the more significant blog posts that have appeared during the month. If that is of interest, please drop us a line.