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Attending trade shows and conferences can be expensive, particularly given the high cost of transportation. It does raise the question whether through Internet marketing you can make equally effective contact with customers.

Web conferencing is now one possibility that some companies are using to overcome the cost barrier. However you may lose the personal touch in such events. Audio conferencing can be one way of adding more to the communication process. By organizing a video conference, you can even make sure that the exchange will be almost as good as being there. The other advantage of such conferencing arrangements is that a permanent record of the proceedings can easily be developed. This can provide additional revenues to the conference organizers.

Despite these advantages, meeting face-to-face is always the ideal and it is interesting to see how people are achieving this. It’s mostly a question of going local. Indeed two of my favorite people are speaking at such local events. Kim Krause Berg, the owner of Cre8asite Forums, is speaking at Search Camp Philly on September 6 and 7.

At just $21 for an entire weekend of site clinics, talks and 4 tracks from Basic to Advanced 2 on web design and search engine marketing, Search Camp Philly cant be beat!

Later in September, Donna Fontenot, widely known on the web as DazzlinDonna, invites everyone to meet her at WordCamp in Birmingham, AL

The Southeast United States is getting its first WordCamp ever! Ill be speaking on SEO for WordPress there. Its going to be held September 27-28, 2008. The cost is only $25, so its well worth it!

Congratulations to them both. I am sure both events will be real successes.

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One thought on “Best Value Conferencing”

  1. When I select conferences I look for ones that offer:

    1) Presentations online to registered attendees ahead of time.
    2) Presentations on CD or DVD at the beginning of the conference.
    3) Professional Q&A
    4) Full days of sessions

    It's amazing to me how many do not do this.

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