BC Wine Tops The World

Mission Hill icewine 2006

British Colombia has many fine wines, many of which are entirely consumed within the province. Those which are available outside the province are getting increasing attention. For example, B.C.’s Mission Hill Winery 2006 Reserve Riesling icewine has been named the world’s No. 1 icewine by the International Wine & Spirit Competition judges.

Mission Hill owner, Anthony von Mandl, received the International Icewine Trophy at a ceremony in London attended by 800 members of the international wine community. Dan Zepponi, Mission Hill president, commented, “This really puts the Okanagan and the Canadian wine industry on the world map.”

The comments of Jamie Goode, one of the attendees who certainly knows his wines, are typical of the accolades it received:

Very, very sweet and grapey with aromatic grapey, raisiny notes. Massively concentrated, viscous palate is supersweet, rounded and full. A huge wine that’s still in balance, if even a little overpowering.

Although it was always a pleasure to live in Qubec with its cheeses that received world renown, it is even more pleasurable to live in a province where such fine wine is available.

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  1. no doubt! we took a tour of Mission Hill and loved it. Beautiful place and the icewine is liquid gold. We brought home a few bottles of the Merlot. The only other time we've found it was at EPCOT's food and wine festival!

  2. Stumbled here from somewhere else where you had commented on do follow blogs. Agreed with your comments there. I have never seen BC Wine in the shops in the UK. I will look out for it after you spoke so highly of it.

    Good Luck.

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