Canadian Domains Are More Valuable

Back in May, the Canada Internet Registration Authority (CIRA) said it would shortly be instituting new privacy policies to protect private information on dotca (.ca) domain owners from roaming eyes. That potentially gave added value to a dotca domain name.

A recent interview on Canadian Domain Laws by Jeffrey Behrendt with Canadas leading domain lawyer, Zak Muscovitch, points out some interesting information on domain names versus trademarks.

Simply because a domain name is identical or similar to a trademark name should not result in the transfer of the domain name to the trademark owner. In my view, unless there is some evidence that the use of the domain name infringes on the use of the trademark name, a person other than the owner of the trademark should be able to continue to use the domain name.

That, in a nutshell, is the law in Canada, thanks to Justice Wright.

If Canadian law does not change, this gives added value to a Canadian domain, in other words the dotca LTD.

In any case what really counts is who owns the name on the Internet. The most important decision maker on that is Google, since that determines a large part of the visitor traffic to any website. Nevertheless it is good to have the confirmation that a dotca domain name does confirm some important rights.

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