Island of White Rock

If the Island of White Rock as a brand is not sitting easy with the general populace, it appears that the White Rock BC Council may be having equal difficulties, according to the Peace Arch News. The Whisper presentation in open council ? which was to happen in May ? is to be rescheduled to take place sometime in July. Whisper is the brand strategy consultant from California who suggested this as a brand.

There are other White Rock islands

Another strike against the brand is that others got there first. In the state of Hidalgo some 100 kms northeast of Mexico City and about 50 kms east of the pyramids at Teotihuacan, there is a 16th century Franciscan monastery spectacularly sited on a huge former pyramid dedicated to the chief Aztec deity Huitzilopochtli and designated the “Island of White Rock“.
White Rock Island
Another White Rock Island is currently the subject of a dispute between Malaysia and Singapore in The International Court of Justice at The Hague. This piece of bird-whitened rock (also called Pedra Branca or Batu Putih) is located at the east-side entrance to Singapore.

Nearer home, an islet lying in San Pedro Channel off Southern California is also called White Rock Island. Its undisputed owner is now Mrs. Helen K. Morton of San Francisco. It is located under the lee of Santa Catalina Island and consists of two acres of level tableland formed of whitish rock, sheering out of the sea and covered only with stunted growth.

Owning the brand on the Internet

The real test of whether a brand works is whether Google acknowledges it. So what turns up if you do a Google search for White Rock Island?

Someone is going to be very happy. #1 on the list currently is Bob White Masonry, of Rock Island, IL. Clearly finding a brand that will really perform for White Rock, BC seems to be more complex than one might have thought.

For another example of a group in search of a brand trying to swim against the current, check out Creative Accountants Need King Canute.