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BC Salmon, Halibut – great eating and sport

Sport Fishing represents one of the “big five” activities that draws international visitors to B.C. — along with skiing, golf, wine and food, and outdoor adventure, according to a report in the Vancouver Sun. British Columbia generates about $1.2-billion in revenues from the recreational fishing sector, so this is really big business.

Currently the average participant’s age is close to 50, according to Don Peterson, the Freshwater Fisheries Society of B.C. president. So industry and government are working to attract more young people to the sport. As Peterson says, “It’s definitely a challenge to get more young people into the sport. Urbanization, the electronic age and the popularity of videogames mean that young people are just not getting exposed to these outdoor experiences any more.

The Society now has a a new website — www.discoverfishingbc.ca — where experienced or newbie anglers alike can get the information they need to prepare for a fishing trip anywhere in B.C. The website offers online fishing licence purchases, along with information like fishing basics, where to fish, where to learn, and what you need to get started. Experienced fishers can use the site to stay abreast of fish stocking reports, hot spots, fishing clubs, special events, and provincials statistics and regulations.

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  1. Hi I think the way Canada has developed its sport fishing is great for the conservation of the various fish species of the area. I only hope that fishing in Thailand commands the same degree of popularity in the future.

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