Bell Canada Website Problems

Rather surprisingly in a Google search that should have pointed to the Bell Canada website, the following page was at the top of the listings.

Bell Canada website browser detection web page

Who knows why this should rank so well in the Google rankings? It seems somewhat ineffective to allow such a web page to be the top marker. What is more of a worry is the attitude that such a message signals. For up to 1 in 20 of the visitors to the website, it’s the visitor who will have to make the extra effort to enjoy their experience in visiting the Bell Canada website. It seems that the shopping section of the website will work fine, but after logging in you may have problems. Does that signal as usual that customer service may not match the attention you’ll get as they try to sell you something?

Whether by switching browsers such visitors will enjoy their experience more is open to question. Kate Trgovac seems to have had some issues with the usability of the Bell Canada website in trying to solve her telephone problems. Of course big websites do require extra efforts to make them work well. Usability doesn’t always get the attention it deserves. It requires a customer-centric attitude and unfortunately the Canadian telecom companies have somewhat shaky customer-service records.

4 thoughts on “Bell Canada Website Problems”

  1. The Bell site is one where the user experience is pitiful. Now, it has gotten better, but a few months ago it was near impossible to surf using Safari (or any browser on a Mac). Ironically, the folks partially behind that site (the Montreal firm Cloudraker) do care about standards and usability. I?d venture to guess that the marketing department wanted many ?upsell? features and eye candy that it?s turned the site into the schizophrenic entity that it is.

  2. Thanks for the comments, Denis. The fact that they leave this ‘plumbing’ web page to score well with Google is perhaps an indicator of their knowledge when it comes to online considerations.

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