Your Lawyer Is In India, So Why Not Your Web Designer?

Your call is important to us. We hear it so often and many times question the sincerity with which a company spouts this line. Customer service in many cases seems to be done at minimum cost. That sometimes means that the customer service function is outsourced, perhaps to India.

That shouldn’t necessarily be a problem. After all, telecommunications and the Internet are shrinking the world. Aren’t we all one global village now? Our similarities are often much stronger than our differences. It shouldn’t be rocket science to make it all work well.

Although it can sometimes work well, in other cases it becomes a nightmare. For just one example, consider the case of that eventually decided Outsourcing Customer Service Doesn’t Make Business Sense. The case study is worth reading and there are a number of reasons why it did not work out:

The greatest problem we faced with outsourcing our customer service, however, was the cultural clash. More times than not in our business, there’s a communication gap between the support staff and customers; but take that misunderstanding and add to it a cultural gap, and you’ll start to see some serious problems – like we did. In addition to customer frustration, reduced sales and increased cancellations, we witnessed on-going technological gaffes.


If outsourcing a relatively simple function like customer service is risky, why would one think of outsourcing anything more complex. You might think that legal services would be a real challenge for outsourcing. However Legalwise, headquartered in Toronto, is now providing offshore legal services from Mumbai, India. (Note that their website has sound, which you may find objectionable and which can only be avoided by skipping their Flash introduction.) They claim that their experienced lawyers in India can become an extension of your North American legal team for a more efficient legal resource.

Since 1995, numerous law firms of varying sizes in the United States and the United Kingdom have been outsourcing some of their work to lawyers in India. For example in 2001, GE Plastics and GE Consumer Finance began outsourcing some of its legal compliance and research work to India. GE is reported to have saved about $2 million in one year by outsourcing legal work to India. DuPont has been an outspoken advocate of outsourcing a portion of its legal work to India. DuPont is reported to have saved about $8.8 million in legal fees in 2002 alone. Other companies such as Microsoft, Cisco Systems and Sun Microsystems are all said to be outsourcing legal work to India with very significant savings.

If it can work for legal services, then what other functions might be outsourced successfully? Obvious choices would be anything involving mathematics or programming since these follow universal standards that apply around the world. Web designing would seem to be a prime candidate. There are many success stories but not everyone is happy with the result. For example, Aaron Wall, a well-known SEO consultant in looking for Drupal developers made the following statement: We recently had another project outsourced to India and are not likely to go that route again soon, if ever.


That is of real concern to someone else well known in SEO circles by the name of Bob Massa, who opened his own outsourcing company in India in July of last year. Although Aaron Wall’s view is a concern to him, he knows the outsourcing experience can be different and he is intent on changing that perception. He is making the following offer:

We can develop php, .asp and are proficient in drupal, mambo, video applications and we can install and/or modify just about any open source scripts. There is no development job too big or too small. I can have my design people create a new, updated site including logos, banner ads and templates. We are fast and affordable and we will prove it BEFORE you have to pay a dime.

If you know outsourcing would be better but didn’t want to take the chance of being ripped off, then just send me an email or call my people on live chat. Let us show you what we can do for you and only AFTER we prove you can trust us to do what we say we will do, will we expect you to pay us.

That would seem to be quite an offer. Provided the Techndu design team have the necessary skills, it would seem to be an offer that is difficult to refuse. Even in working with North American web designers, it is important to develop a strong team relationship and be assured that the web design will be done with flair, competency and according to applicable standards. Web designing is very complex and often requires a number of repetitions to get it right. I know many in North America who have not been happy with their onshore web designer experience. I suggest it is worth approaching this whole subject with an open mind. If you decide outsourcing is for you, you could be one of the real success stories.

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5 thoughts on “Your Lawyer Is In India, So Why Not Your Web Designer?”

  1. I think that this comments sums up the main problem ?Provided the Techndu design team have the necessary skills?.?

    This is not only a problem with outsourcing but also local designers. Most clients trust that the web designers knows what they are doing, but often they are near clueless to proper standards and/or best practices.

    When it comes to outsourcing, the main problems have been with quality that cause delays and extra expenses to fix them. As a business, outsourcers try to get the tasks out as fast as possible, this is only natural. Unless you have programmers in house that can review code, how does one know if you are getting good code? You can?t.

    And while it?s tempting to use Techdu?s services, as a buyer, I?d have problems. I don?t want to pick on them but since you mention them lets have a look at one of their pages:

    Let?s start with the code. In the style sheet they specify ?Monotype Corsiva? ? this is not exactly a common font?
    The we have two .style3 for another font ? rather sloppy coding
    We have a table width of 850 ? an odd size to use
    Then there is a mess of tables with % and fixed widths ? It was hard to follow the code, but I?ll assume that it was fine?

    On the page itself, the left hand side ?Home? button is ?on? (it?s grayed) but we are in the ?Services? section?.
    There are no breadcrumbs (yes, that point is debatable), but overall it?s hard to know where you are.

    So while it?s tempting to say that outsourcing is a good way to go, you need to find the right team, and that is easier said than done.

  2. It’s good to see you here, Denis. Congratulations on providing the first comment in this WordPress version of the blog.

    I agree entirely with your point that you need to find the right team. Web design is extremely complex and it’s important that the client/web designer team has all the skills and experience needed to make websites that work well.

  3. Code errors cannot be the only reason to hire or fire outsourced website developers. Definitely they should have better coding standards but the same could also happen with a local vendor as well.
    What is more important to find out is if the outsourced agent / firm is accommodating and understands your business practices, policies. Does the outsourced vendor provide additional services which was not in your core competency and does it help you increase business sufficiently?
    If the cost saving is large enough, maybe you can consider also hiring a project manager who will keep track of the time lines, deliverables and communication between the developers.

  4. Those are very valid points, arindra. Wherever the web designer is located, it’s important that the website owner knows and understands what is being done. In some cases, hiring a project manager who understands what is needed in an effective website and can work with the web designer may be a very wise economy.

  5. I agree with all your points that a web designer need to be well aware of his work and you need to be very cautious before taking its services.

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