Customer Complaints – Are They Worth It?

Your Call is important to us!

Is it worth complaining? As Donna Swain recounted in a discussion on the Cre8asite Forums, an online retail company lost a sale and didn’t even want to know why. Others had had similar experiences and it was suggested that it’s all a wasted effort. Perhaps the most effective way to get your message across is to blog about it.

That’s all very unfortunate. Indeed any successful company should be asking that question in the title. Their answer should be an emphatic yes. Sometimes the non-complainers are equally dissatisfied but never bother to send word. If you’re looking for ways to improve then those complainers are like gold. They are particularly important because at least they wanted to be customers. As Brendon Sinclair put it, Learn to Love Complaining Clients.

Happily the Internet is levelling the playing field. Consumers have a greater voice. That’s why it’s perhaps less surprising now to see a headline like Will Customer Complaints Bring Call Centers Back to the US? If our call is important to them, then it should be handled in the best possible way. Perhaps the message is getting through.

The study found that customers who believed they were dealing with a call center outside the United States rated their overall satisfaction 26 points lower than those who believed the center was U.S.-based. In addition, callers to foreign centers were almost twice as likely to sever business relations with the company.

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