British Comedy and Humor –

.. or should that be British humour?

British comedy is very well received. However British humor occasionally seems to miss the mark. Wikipedia provides the explanation:

Some general features characteristic of British humour are:

  • Puns: these do not too easily translate into other languages (if at all).
  • Nonsense: has its origins in the writings of Lewis Carroll and Edward Lear.
  • Black humour: main features of black humour can already be found in the drama of the Elizabethan era.
  • Eccentricity
  • Satire and sarcasm
  • The use of understatement and irony, so that many jokes pass unnoticed by those not familiar with it.

If you find this post somewhat out of the normal run, you’re right. It was triggered by a somewhat amusing marketing idea from Squidoo. Squidoo was started by what they dub as the Original Squid, Seth Godin, although many of us know him as an innovative and thought-provoking marketer. The Squidoo Home page trumpets the following:

Stop by Squidoo’s latest partner project,, and stake your claim. Before it’s too late!

If The Ever Project is news to you, here is how they explain it:

In November 2007, Squidoo is launching the Ever project, the first use of a new domain (and not a squid domain) for our site. People from around the web can build pages like or or We’ve partnered with Digimedia, owners of, in a venture to match great hand built content with really promotable URLs.

Squidoo itself is one of those sites like MySpace where you can create your own mini website. It is supported by the revenues from the advertising and affiliate links that are added to all pages (or lenses as they call them). This particular venture seems likely to be a popular one. It certainly got our attention.

If you would like to catch a little British humor, there are some notable videos at the site we created in very little time at Let us know what you think.