Canadian Business – Changed Perspectives

True North, strong and free.

For over twenty-five years, the ‘other bloke’ has been involved in and observed Canadian business from a Montreal base. For at least the last ten of those years, the physical location has become less and less important to businesses and the online presence plays a much bigger role in what identifies a company. This is complemented by the staggering advances in Information Technology (IT) and in telecommunications. For so many businesses, they can if they wish participate in a global economy and enjoy the global opportunities. Whether they wish it or not, they are also subject to global competition.

These deep reflections are triggered by the fact that the ‘other bloke’ has now moved from Montreal and will be living in Langley, BC. That in no way affects the bloke’s online presence. Strategic Marketing Montreal will continue to function as before and its North American customers will see few changes apart from some e-mail addresses that will change. Montreal has a big footprint in the online world and there is much to observe and comment on. Standing back ‘a little’ will allow a more dispassionate view of what is going on. It can also be better seen in a pan-Canadian context.

Moving from Montreal to Langley, BC, we followed the TransCanada Highway all the way with a U-Haul trailer containing our treasured belongings. Following that highway is an experience that no Canadian should miss. It’s the only way to fully experience the size, grandeur and the beauty to be found in Canada. Although the journey was fairly rapid, it also gave an opportunity to meet folk along the way and get brief glimpses of what’s important to them in their very different communities.

Now we’re settled in Langley, which is a most welcoming community surrounded by the natural beauty of the Fraser Valley. It’s a very different physical location, but we’re back to that same online world with even greater opportunities to be aware of the evolving scene. We hope our faithful readers will find that the Other Bloke’s Blog continues to improve as we observe Canadian business online.

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