High-tech BeanBag Chairs

High-tech beanbag chairs would seem to be an obvious oxymoron. However if you are a beanbag chair manufacturer, you’ve got to keep up with the times. That’s exactly what Montrealer, Harvey Brinberg, decided to do and the result is the iBeanbag?. This Audio Beanbag Chair is a stereo you can sit on.


The website describes some of the features:

Control all the features of your iBeanbag? from the comfort of your chair with our sleek, integrated control panel. Here you can plug in your headphones, connect to your favourite music or movie and adjust the volume and bass without ever having to leave your seat. Now that?s comfort!

No more musical chairs ? you have finally found the best seat in the house. Two, built-in speakers and sub-woofer deliver over 20 watts of rich, powerful sound. Enjoy dialog or music with unparalleled depth and clarity. Our speakers provide a true audio experience.

Building the best mousetrap in the world is not very rewarding, unless you can sell it. That’s where Brinberg has been very astute. Kids, teens and young adults are the target audience for the product. We’re now in the era of social media marketing. It’s all about creating a buzz and getting your clients to spread the word through Facebook or their other favorite community site.

Apple has been very successful with its popular i-products. Whether it’s the iPod or the iPhone, everyone is talking about such products. There is no possibility that the iBeanbag could be confused with either of these. Nor can Apple trademark the letter i. Nevertheless everyone will make the obvious connection. Hopefully the i-buzz will fuel incredible sales for this intriguing Montr?al product.

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