Canadian Blogging Tournament

Canadian 1% Army

Kim Vallee was quickly to the keyboard to announce that the 1% Army – Canadian Marketing, Media & Digital All-Star Tournament of 128 is off and running.

The rules are somewhat complex but there are a series of elimination rounds:

  • 1st Round – The Battalion of 128
  • 2nd Round – The Division of 32
  • 3rd round – The Company of 8
  • 4th round – The Final Four

The Winners are declared either General, Colonel, Major, Captain or Lieutenants on November 15th.

Always up to a challenge, the Other Bloke’s Blog is participating but seems to have ended up in a first group of four that has all the seeded players. The other worthy challengers are Michelle Sullivan, Mitch Joel and Mario Asselin. All are ?minences and some of us are grise so it won’t be easy. However good luck to my fellow combattants. At least if one of us eventually becomes a general, we can all bask in a little reflected glory.