If I Build It, They Probably Won’t Come

Websites are like mouse traps in a forest.

The title is the answer to a question posed by Sophie Wegat of ThinkProspect. Thinking about websites, she asked “If I build it, will they come?” Unfortunately the answer is most probably not. As she said:

These days having a website is no guarantee of success. It takes blood, sweat and? yep you guess it marketing to make your online venture a success. Unfortunately too many people still think if they put a site online the masses will flock to them. And then wonder why they don?t. It?s also a myth that people like to perpetuate. Put a site online and you?ll be making millions within days.

So many bright-eyed hopefuls feel like that. Six months later it’s a very different tale. As I commented on her blog:

I think that’s the mental attitude we’ve got to spread. The website budget in terms of dollars should be 50/50 website creation versus making it perform. The owner and his/her team should probably split their efforts 10/90 in terms of website creation versus making it perform.

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