Branding Greater Montreal – le d?fi

Which Brand? Montreal or Greater Montreal.

Developing strong brands is always difficult. Those who are now attempting to brand Greater Montreal would seem to be accepting a particularly difficult challenge. There is of course the task of ensuring in parallel that Le grand Montr?al fait sa marque.

As the website tells us:

For a city?s actions on the international stage to be effective, there must be cohesion among the various socio-economic, political and cultural players that represent it.

The Montreal metropolitan region is encouraging us all to help:

Make your mark, by suggesting your ideas, slogans, logo designs and thoughts on an international brand image for the Montreal metropolitan region.

* What are Greater Montreal?s strengths?
* What features should Greater Montreal emphasize on the international scene?
* What sets us apart?
* What words or images best evoke Greater Montreal?

That third question is particularly intriguing, “What sets us apart?” It presumably does not mean what sets Greater Montreal apart from Montreal. That potential investor sitting in North Carolina will never understand the distinction.

Focus, focus, focus. That’s always powerful advice. It’s enough of a challenge to find the most appropriate brand for Montreal. That single word, Montreal, has already strong brand recognition around the world If we want to remind potential visitors or investors, all we’ve got to do is to think of a short tag line that reminds the reader of the riches of Montreal .. and of course it should be ideally bilingual. Montreal, La Ville Vibrante is still available.

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