Andy Nulman and the Internet Mindset

An Internet mindset gives less surprises.

Pow! Right Between The Eyes should be on your morning reading list. It’s written by one of the most celebrated bloggers in Montreal, Andy Nulman. Today’s post is no exception. Theory 12–Hillary Ignites The Surprise Campaign. A short quote will give you the flavour.

Was watching CNN while working out at the gym, and was amazed to see that people are STILL talking about the Hillary Clinton Sopranos-parody video. The all-news network called this “The start of the YouTube Campaign,” but the way I see it, the medium is not the message here.

Frankly, this is the start of something even bigger.

This is the start
of the

So back to Hillary’s video. Love it, hate it, be embarrassed by it…who cares? At least people are talking about what Hilary and Bill did. It was a complete shock, Pow! to the second power by not just doing something unexpected, but by linking it to one of the great pop culture moments of all time.

Perhaps it’s not surprising that Andy Nulman should see this as the surprise campaign. After all the subtitle of his blog is Andy Nulman’s Blog About Surprise.

As another blind man standing around the elephant, I have a different take on all this. It’s all about Mindset. The University of Arizona has a Glossary on Selected Futures Terms. Here is their definition:

Mindset. A person’s frame of reference that is fixed. A person can have a particular “mindset” that is so strong in a specific outlook that they do not see other perspectives, even though they might hear them and believe they have been given consideration. This prevents looking at new options in a realistic sense.

The reality is that most people do not understand the Internet. Many would see it as the next medium to an extent taking over from TV. Their mindset is little changed from what it was say 15 years ago. They could be said to have a pre-Internet mindset. With such a mindset, they have not understood that the Internet is a disruptive technology. Disruptive technologies can have impacts on society and the way it functions, which are as massive as those created by environmental influences such as global warming.

The invention of the Printing Press is often cited as an example of a disruptive technology. So it was, but the Internet will be far more disruptive. Its effects will be magnified as the mobile Web takes over.

With an Internet mindset, there are so many aspects of the economy and society that change. In a short blog post not all can be covered. Tim O’Reilly‘s Web 2.0 tries to capture some of them. However the most powerful concept is probably that covered by words such as connections and democracy. The Internet truly does put the power in the hands of the people. Those with a pre-Internet mindset may well be surprised by Hillary Clinton’s video. With an Internet mindset, it’s not surprising that this should key into what people were talking about anyway.

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