Video Gaming and Andy Capp

Andy Capp’s bar was the place for video gaming.

A number of visitors to this website arrive surprisingly via a keyword query for ‘Andy Capp + video gaming‘. Andy Capp here is symbolic of the Other Bloke in this Montr?al blog. Then of course Montr?al is known worldwide as a hub of gaming. Perhaps there is some tenuous connection there.

The real connection is much more solid, as anyone who has read the history of Atari can confirm. Atari built the first Pong video game arcade machine and tested it out in a local bar in Sunnyvale, CA, called Andy Capp’s. It was more of a trial than anything else, as the unit did not even have a fully constructed case. You can read more on this in “Zap! The Rise and Fall of Atari” by Scott Cohen. The Pong video game became a huge hit in the arcades, spawning numerous imitations and several official sequels. Its popularity continued undiminished, until it was replaced by more advanced systems that used microprocessors instead of LSI (Large Scale Integrated) circuits.