Union Montr?al – Brand New

Union Montreal

As Michelle Lalonde tells us in the Gazette this morning, the Montreal Island Citizens Union (MICU), has been rebranded. If you are not sure what that group represents, then think of it as Mayor G?rald Tremblay?s party. In French that party was in even greater need of rebranding. The Union des citoyens et citoyennes de l??le de Montr?al (UCIM) is hardly a catchy title.

If you want to know more of what Union Montr?al can do for you then you should visit the slick new website. It relies heavily on video clips to communicate party messages to users. You don’t even get the opportunity to switch off the sound. G?rald Tremblay wants to make sure you get his message.

Union Montreal RSS news feed

For the enthusiastic visitor to the website it certainly is most impressive. There’s a great deal of information and we are told it is worth a daily visit. Unfortunately on a number of technical issues, the website could have been better constructed. A high performance website will be visible to search engines and very usable for its visitors. The website also suggests that there is an RSS news feed. Regrettably at this time it does not seem to exist.

Nevertheless top marks should go to Union Montr?al for their initiative in launching this improved way of communicating with the citizens of Montr?al.

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