Family Tree Software

Family tree software from Montreal

Family tree software not surprisingly is astonishingly popular. A Google search shows over 11 million entries. That signals a highly competitive market. One part of the mission of this blog is to help raise the visibility of intriguing entrepreneurs here in Montr?al. Stephanie Whittaker of the Gazette tells us about a particularly interesting entrepreneur in her article on Family Trees this morning.

Daniel Morin has created some particularly powerful software for displaying and cataloguing family trees. You can find details of his family tree software on his GenoPro website. It’s very impressive and is used by a whole variety of people around the world. He now has over $300,000 of sales annually and I would predict a rapid growth in that figure. If you’re building your own family tree, I would recommend you explore using Daniel Morin’s family tree software. I’m sure you won’t regret it.

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