Conference Montreal June 2007

June in Montreal for a Conference of your choice

If you did a Google search for “Conference Montr?al June 2007”, what conference were you possibly looking for? Someone did just that and arrived at this website. They might be interested in finding details on the Visa Small-Business Big Thinking Conference or possibly the Conference of Montr?al. However Google didn’t find either of those the most relevant link for this particular keyword search.

Perhaps it’s symptomatic of just how strong Montr?al is as a center for conferences. In fact the most relevant conference according to Google for this particular search at the time of writing is the Metaheuristics International Conference 2007. If you need to ask what metaheuristics is, then undoubtedly this conference is not for you. On the other hand, if you know what it is then possibly you are intending to be there already. It’s taking place from June 25-29, 2007. The conference venue is the main building of HEC Montr?al, the business school affiliated with Universit? de Montr?al. Apparently some of those attending will already have been there in early May to attend Optimization Days.

One interesting reflection is why Google would rank this conference so high against the somewhat formidable competition. Does this lend weight to the argument that .edu domains are given more authority in the Google search algorithm? Or is Google seeking to curry favor with these optimizing gurus by ranking their conference highly. I note that some experts in metaheuristics support the No-free-lunch theorem. This proves that over the set of all mathematically possible problems, each optimization algorithm will do on average as well as any other. Not something Google wants talked about, I would have thought. Of course the easiest explanation is that these gurus also do Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as well.

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