Build Your Own Search Engine

A Google Custom Search Engine just for you.

This is hardly news, but one of the most interesting tools that Google provides is the Google Custom Search Engine. The Eureka moment on this was flagged by the Official Google Blog back last October. The Google Custom Search Blog since then has been documenting a variety of ways of tweaking this useful tool.

Basically you can select your own set of websites within which you wish to do keyword searches. If you think this group might grow from time to time, you can even have a Google Marker button on your toolbar to rapidly add other websites. It’s very easy to set up your own custom search engine and this may be helpful for a working group on a particular topic.

We have now added such a custom search engine here. The writings of Barry Welford are to be found on a website and on three blogs, two of which are on different domains. To help you find what you’re looking for wherever it may be, just go to the foot of this blog and you will find a search box to help you. The same custom search engine for Barry Welford’s Writings can be found on the SMM website and in the other blogs as well. We would be interested to hear your reactions and comments on how well this works for you.