To Boldly Go .. Hello, May

Back in January, we mused that perhaps Mary might be coming back to the Royal Bank of Canada (RBC). Many of our more mature readers will remember that friendly personage who was available in the ads to help you with your Royal Bank dealings. Banking has now gone online and a new virtual agent for the RBC is there to help us all. CodeBaby of Edmonton was the creator of this new agent and apparently Mary just didn’t cut it as a name.

Perhaps it’s not surprising. Back in 1905 there was a musical entitled Forty-five Minutes from Broadway and there was a song about that Grand Old Name, Mary. The words ran as follows:

Mary Is a Grand Old Name
For it is Mary; Mary
Plain as any name can be
But in propriety, society
Will say, “Marie”
But it was Mary; Mary
Long before the fashions came
And there is something there
That sounds so square
It’s a grand old name

RBC Online Pay Bills

You can imagine the internal RBC committee that wrestled with the name problem. Bell Canada used Emily for a somewhat similar representative. No one could take exception to that. Well if you visit the RBC Royal Bank Online Banking Centre, you will find what they came up with. .. and the winner is, May. She can help you by explaining how to pay your bills through RBC online and how to get e-statements. Perhaps May is Mary’s daughter.

RBC Online Pay Bills

Things move fast in the Internet world, so you might wonder how long May will be with us. Voice-enabled website interactions will be more and more evident, particularly on the Mobile Web as some run their lives via their cell phones. That’s why Microsoft acquired Tellme, a voice-command specialist that will fill a niche in Microsoft’s expanding line of voice-enabled products. It opens up a world of possibilities for Microsoft in an area where Google seems strangely quiet. Whether May can survive in that new world or whether RBC will ‘hire’ some other virtual agent, only time will tell.

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