Outdoor Gear Canada For Bicycles In Montreal

Opus bicycles winners in Montreal

There are many fine entrepreneurs in Montreal and the Gazette does a good job in showcasing them. Stephanie Whittaker describes one of them who is Picking Up Speed, that’s Outdoor Gear Canada. They’re manufacturers and suppliers of bicycles and all things connected with them. David Bowman, the president, started importing Kryptonite bicycle locks in 1978 and it’s grown from there. Now it has 85 employees, with 13 sales representatives across the country. The company is now selling 37 models of bicycles in its Opus range.

So why mention them here? This blog does feature companies appearing in the Montreal Gazette, when they’re suitably intriguing. A newspaper is fine to get the word out to its readers, but it doesn’t help to get the word out on the Internet. The Internet is now where businesses either grow or perish. Even if the newspaper lists the website of a company, it requires someone very dedicated to make a note and type it into their browser. In addition, the newspaper’s archives are not open to the search engines for any length of time so the reference is soon lost.

Outdoor Gear Canada is almost a mini-case study of how not to be visible on the Internet, so we hope this blog post will help to correct that. Their website, www.ogc.ca, was not mentioned in the article. They also have a website for their Opus bicycles at opusbike.com. In both cases, if you don’t like music instantly hitting you when the website opens, then quickly find the English or French buttons. The next page too still has the sound playing but at least you can switch off the ambience (which means sound) if you can spot the small text for that.

Both websites are in Flash, which is most impressive, but somewhat invisible to Google and the other search engines. However if your search for ‘bicycles in Montreal‘ or ‘Outdoor Gear Canada‘ brought you here, then you’ve found the right link.