That’s Slogosphere, Not Blogosphere

Keren Blogosphere

Professor Michael Keren of the University of Calgary seems to have stirred up quite a hornet’s nest with his book, Blogosphere: The New Political Arena. Steve Rubel among many others are rightly indignant about their designation as a lonely bunch. Keren is talking mostly about political blogs where he feels, “Bloggers think of themselves as rebels against mainstream society, but that rebellion is mostly confined to cyberspace, which makes blogging as melancholic and illusionary as Don Quixote tilting at windmills.”

Professor Keren clearly feels that the Blogosphere is the space where individuals write their online journals. His comments may have elements of truth in them as they apply to those personal journals. However the weblog space has moved on and expanded mightily. A whole new class of weblogs has emerged, which could be described as business blogs.

Most efficiently these are integrated sections of company websites, providing up-to-the-minute information on company news and developments. The term to describe these new journals is Slogs. Perhaps to avoid muddying the waters that Professor Keren has stirred up, it’s time to coin a new word to define the ‘space’ of all these Slogs. That would be the Slogosphere. The authors here are far from a lonely bunch. Indeed it is those who have not realized that the Internet is the new medium for business communication who are being left out in the cold.

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