Slogging For Rare Customers

Selling luxury retreats on the Internet

Some companies are dealing in market places where there are very few customers. For example if you are selling golf course designs or you construct airfields, you have only a limited number of customers and they’re scattered around the world. One advantage you now have is that the Internet is superb for making contacts. Provided your company is adequately visible with the search engines, then prospective clients in their searches may well find your website and get in touch with you.

Of course if your customers are rare, then it may take more effort to make sure that they find you. One way of improving your company’s visibility with the search engines is to add a Slog to your website. A Slog is defined as follows:

A Site or website log, which is a section or ‘slice’ of a regular business website. It is produced by blogging software and includes date/time stamped entries or posts. Typically these posts cover new developments by the company or news items of interest to the company’s customers and other stakeholders.

Such a Slog will not only provide up-to-the-minute news items for your prospects but gives increased visibility with the search engines. Even if your potential customers are rare, you will increase your chances of being found.

Luxury rental for Necker Island

Speaking about rare customers, that brings to mind a company that is featured in the Montreal Gazette Business Section today. It’s the brainchild of Joe and Jazz Poulin and it is called Luxury Retreats International. If you’re looking to rent a luxury villa or charter a luxury yacht or even buy a luxury real estate property, then they’re the people to contact. In seven years they’ve grown a company of 80 people situated around the world and they have about 1,400 luxury villas on the books. The top of the line is Necker Island shown above, which is owned by Richard Branson of the Virgin Group, and goes for up to $ 45,500 a day.

The luxury rental market is highly competitive so it’s tough to be visible. However Luxury Retreats International seems to be doing very well despite that. Perhaps a Slog might help them to find even more of those rare customers for their fine luxury villas and luxury yachts.

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