Is Mary Coming Back To The Royal Bank (RBC)?


The Montreal Gazette tells us that the Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) will be introducing a new virtual agent to help us all online. CodeBaby of Edmonton is providing this. I wonder what this new virtual agent will be called. You’ve got to be very careful not to create the wrong impression. Microsoft may be happy with Ms. Dewey but that would hardly be appropriate in banking. Perhaps it’s time to bring back Mary.

That should be safe. After all CodeBaby tells us it was the creator of Emily on the Sympatico website. That’s another good, respectable name. Surprisingly I wasn’t able to find Emily on the site: I wonder whether she’s still around. The only Google reference for Bell and Emily that I found was to a YouTube spoof on Internet Spying entitled Emily of the State. Hopefully the Royal Bank’s choice will get more respect.

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