Canada’s International Resort Airport

Mont Tremblant International Airport

It bills itself as Canada’s First International Resort Airport, but it may well be the only International Resort Airport here in Canada. Serge Larivi?re is the moving force behind the airport, which serves the Mont Tremblant complex. As yet, the flights to the Mont Tremblant airport are not numerous, but the concept must be right given the massive investment going into the area.

Serge Larivi?re is one of the two entrepreneurs featured in the Montreal Gazette this morning and he is a stirring example of what it takes to win success, Passion and Persistence. The other featured story about Lakeshore Cleaners in Pointe-Claire demonstrates those same factors. In this case, we’re not dealing with a start-up but what is almost a rebirth. The business was started in 1937 by Gonzague Gendron, who was a tailor making suits. He branched into dry-cleaning and this business was eventually taken over by his son, Gilbert Gendron. Unfortunately on November 18, 2006, their Valois, Pointe-Claire facility was completely engulfed in flames. Gilbert Gendron, who had retired, has come back into harness to help. So passion and persistence will win out again and the business will rise phoenix-like from the ashes.

We wish every success to all entrepreneurs as they enter 2007. Bon courage ? tous.

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