SID LEE, new kid on the block

Diesel Marketing wants to be called

It’s always instructive to see how the experts in communications name their companies. Presumably there are lessons for us all in reviewing such names. One of the most intriguing examples came on the scene at the end of November. Diesel Marketing, one of the premier marketing agencies in Montreal, decided that a new name was needed. Even if you don’t recognize their name, you’ve undoubtedly seen some of their work for prestige clients such as Cirque du Soleil.

I had always instinctively thought oil barrels on hearing Diesel Marketing but apparently many others thought jeans. Since a company name can be the strongest selling element for a company it’s important to get it right. I’m sure there were some intensive brainstorming sessions in trying to think of a new name. .. and how to preserve some continuity with the past.

One such session may well have played with anagrams on the existing name. You can imagine the ideas that may have been put up on the board to see who saluted:


So it’s time to choose. Not easy but apparently SID LEE won out.


The new website shows how their ideas are evolving. They have a new blog on Conversational Capital. They describe that as follows:

Conversational Capital shares thought-provoking insight into the art of word-of-mouth marketing. We strongly believe that in the experience economy, storytelling?and the way people talk about their experiences?is as important for consumers as the actual consumption experience itself. We call it ?Conversational Capital? because this form of storytelling is a powerful currency that transforms the economic relationship between brand experiences and their consumers.

They also have the SID LEE Collective that spreads the word on new projects being hatched in their creative incubator.

It also sounds a very dramatic change. Change always implies risk. One slightly surprising technical detail is that they have only redirected their original domain,, across to the domain with a temporary 302 redirect. Perhaps they don’t want the search engines to forget the old name just in case Sid Lee doesn’t work.

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