Local Search On The World Wide Web

The Internet or the World Wide Web is all about making connections. For example the last twenty visitors to the BPWrap blog at the time of writing this post came from the following countries: Malaysia, Canada (3), Chile, United Kingdom (2), India (2), United States (8), France, Belgium, and South Africa. In some ways, the Internet has shrunk the world.

That’s a paradox in other ways since as yet the Internet has done only a little to help us with the connections that are most important to us. How can you make local connections? How can you seek and find local businesses that are important to you? Yellow Pages is now on line but not very effectively. Google is also trying although Google Local Search takes you to Google Maps.

According to AdAge, Yahoo! is adopting a different approach: they believe Local Search Is Like Social Networking. So they will get us all to help in generating the data on what we are looking for. Given the difficulty others are finding with Local Search, that sounds like a very practical way to go. They also recently released Yahoo! Maps. Unfortunately according to a leaked memo, there may well be a major shake-up in Yahoo! any time soon given their recent lack-lustre performance. Even if Yahoo! Local Search survives unscathed, it’s somewhat academic here in Canada for the moment since it only applies to the U.S.

Of course what we all really need is Mobile Local Search so that we can find what we need on our cell phones. Whoever cracks that one will really make a killing.

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