Do You Hear The Eco?

Yes, Eco not echo. There’s an interesting piece in the Gazette today by Hannah Hoag on ecotourism. Clearly it’s linked to one of society’s hot buttons for the next few decades or hopefully centuries, no pun intended.

We’re all sensitized to all that is eco-related and often what is being observed takes place in some of the most beautiful parts of the world. Not surprisingly Beautiful Oceans, an ecotourism company that offers the finest coral reef biology courses for families, snorkelers and scuba divers, grabs the headlines here. However there are myriad competitors, as you’ll find in EcoTour, an Online Directory of Ecotours and Ecolodges. Terra Incognita Ecotours, the owner of, is clearly well placed in this highly competitive market.

Montreal has its own entrant in this market as is mentioned in the article. Karim Haggar and Anthony Chamy are the co-founders of This was one of the five firms launched by Polytechnique students and graduates, which was honoured for innovation by the Centre d’entrepreneurship in January 2006. organizes fully customized trips that aim at balancing leisure travel with the destinations’ natural and social environment. It sets out to offer alternative solutions to traditional tourism. That sounds like an intriguing proposition for their market niche.

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