Frank and Gordon Live in Push Marketing

Gordon & Frank,
the Bell beavers, are still promoting.

A previous post, Frank And Gordon Fired, was in error. Their previous website,, is still not to be found.
(* See note added 06/11/15 below) Although many people find that Pull Marketing where searching prospects find you on the Internet is very effective, that apparently wasn’t the case for Bell Canada. However they hadn’t given up on those energetic beavers, Frank and Gordon. They’ve developed quite a following so they’re still pushing the message but in traditional paid media.

For example here is a small part of a full-page ad that appears in today’s Montreal Gazette.

Yellow Pages

This approach is often called Push Marketing. In this Permission Marketing era, some people may resent ads that intrude when they hadn’t asked to see them. However who is going to make a fuss about two friendly Canadian beavers?

Note added 06/11/15: This website is now correctly 301 redirected to Interestingly a Google search for ‘Frank and Gordon’ now has Bell Canada as the #1 item, whereas before it was not to be found in this search. The cache shows that these words only appear in backlinks to the Bell website.

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One thought on “Frank and Gordon Live in Push Marketing”

  1. Seems Bell has abandoned Frank and Gordon. But in favor of what? Some silly catch phrase that only the teenagers understand?

    Stupid move. The beavers were funny and had a following with a wide audience. Why change it?

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