Acronym Of The Day – OEE

You’ll often see Word Of The Day items, but it struck me that acronyms are just as important and should receive more attention. So today’s acronym is OEE. This is a particularly appropriate acronym today, 14 October 2006. This is the 37th World Standards Day. This pays tribute to the efforts of the thousands of experts worldwide who collaborate to develop voluntary international standards that facilitate trade, spread knowledge and share technological advances. Standards do of course spew out acronyms in the thousands so that is why the thought came up.

By coincidence, today also saw the launch of a new website, that of Letico Inc. Letico is a most appropriate company to associate with that OEE acronym. Letico are experts in industrial automation for packaging factories. OEE stands for Overall Equipment Efficiency. If you’re in manufacturing then you may have come across one of the associated processes. They’re all acronyms of course. There is TEEP (Total Effective Equipment Productivity), TPM (Total Productive Maintenance) or LM (Lean Manufacturing). One or other of these is being applied in most successful factories and manufacturing plants. Industrial Automation provides the ability to measure performance, which is an essential precursor of any of these processes.

So whichever acronym works for you, make sure you pass the ‘word’ around as you celebrate World Standards Day.

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