Never A Couche-Tard

It was a delight to see the recognition given this morning to Joseph Kuchar, owner of Recochem in the Montreal Gazette Business Section article, “The Entrepreneurs”. He is still going strong at 90 and continues to actively support his Austrian and Czech heritage and raise his Haflinger Horses. He also promotes the principles that have served him so well throughout his life.

I first met Joe Kuchar at an NPRA (National Petrochemical & Refiners Association) Petrochemicals Conference in New York over 25 years ago. It was a large conference that drew most of the movers and shakers in the industry. That was way before the Internet and before the costs and security concerns put a severe dent in business conference attendances. So everyone was there and they all seemed to know Joe Kuchar. What a superb example of business networking.

At the time I was with Petromont, the Montreal petrochemical complex. Given possible joint business opportunities and given that we were both Montrealers, we spent a little time together. Then as now, he was always an early riser. In such a volatile market as petrochemicals, being awake while others had not yet arisen, gave many opportunities. He was often on the phone with Europe five hours before most other North American competitors were arriving at their desks. It’s that old expression, the early bird gets the worm, and he certainly did.

In a city where Couche-Tard has such prominence, it’s surprising that its converse, Lve-Tt, gets little fanfare. If you’re a lve-tt, or early-riser, as Joe Kuchar is, then you gain many advantages. Of course most of us early-risers don’t broadcast the lve-tt advantages too widely. They will only continue to be advantages while most people continue to be couche-tards.

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