Is Radio More Mobile Than TV?

The Internet is causing societal changes in how we all live our lives. Newspapers are under threat from the Internet and lose significant parts of their audience each year. Those who watch the explosive growth of the mobile Internet world realize that this is an even bigger factor than the traditional Internet. Just read the flow of posts in our associated blog, StayGoLinks, to get a sense of this momentum. Younger people even more than older people are migrating to this mobile world so the pace will quicken.

A subtitle in the Montreal Gazette by Mike Boone might therefore seem even more ludicrous than he suggests. “What sane person would give up television for the cutting-edge broadcast medium of the 1920s?” He’s commenting on the possibility that Nancy Wood, CBC National’s Quebec Reporter, could be a shoo-in for the position of host of CBC Radio’s Daybreak, since Dave Bronstetter has left the show after 11 great years. Boone points out that television is running scared under the competitive threat posed by the Internet and wireless technologies. So perhaps a move to radio has a certain logic. In addition Nancy Wood has family reasons that could tip the balance

I would go even more strongly on a resurgence of radio given the move to the mobile Internet. There’s a limit to the amount of TV content you can get on to your mobile device. In addition the rates that the telecom companies are charging for TV content could well throttle any demand there is. Couple that with the difficulty of viewing TV content when you’re on the go and the arguments seem irrefutable. Radio has a resilience that means it will be there for the long term and it’s equally good via either version of the Internet.

So like Mike Boone, I hope Nancy Wood will move to the thinking person’s radio station as he calls it. We all will benefit.

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