Interviews for other points of view

Interviews seem to be very popular recently. Donna Fontenot listed 92 interviews on SEO (Search Optimization) and that may well be only the half of it. I say that since a recent SEO interview I had with Randall McCarley of the 14th Colony appeared in the list, while another recent SEO interview with City SEO did not. City SEO is focused on Montreal-based SEO and Local Search.

Why in this age of the information tidal wave would anyone be interested in reading interviews? Perhaps Darren Rowse of the Problogger had this in mind in running his One Question Interview Series. Bing-bang, Ping-pong: isn’t that the pace required by this frenzied world?

Let me beg to differ. Of course many must rush onwards and will not have time to hear the answer. However just look at the makeup of the inter-view word. There is not only an interviewee but also an interviewer. An interview is not a survey. It’s an exchange of views. The interviewer in how he or she frames the questions is just as much a part of the interview as the interviewee. The reality is that no two people think exactly the same way. We never know what others see. That’s always true even on non-contentious issues. Take a highly contentious subject like SEO and you can guarantee there will be major differences.

So if you really want to stretch your mind on how different people may be approaching SEO, dip into Donna’s list of interviews at random. You’ll probably be surprised to see how different are the viewpoints.

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