Mast Marketing For The Upwardly Mobile

Or should that be Mast Marketing For The Horizontally Mobile. Don’t worry; this is not another variant of Marketing for all you marketers to worry about. This is very specialized and like Mobile Marketing it’s directed at a very special Market Niche.

Mast Marketing is the somewhat intriguing title of an article in today’s Montreal Gazette by Stephanie Whittaker. The subtitle is “Recession took the wind out of boat-builders’ sails, but the resale market is booming”. It’s all about the marketing of used sailboats. I guess that’s where that catchy Mast comes into the title.

The article describes what yacht broker Ken Wagner does for a living. He says that most trade in the Greater Montreal area is for used boats rather than new boats, and that late summer or early autumn, when the sailing season is winding down, is an ideal time to buy a used boat. Alan Smith, a Pointe Claire Yacht Club member and the club’s interim facilities foreman, gives the reason, “While it may seem counter-intuitive to opt into the sailboat market in the late summer or early autumn when the sailing season is winding down, this is an ideal time to buy a used boat.”

Boats most in demand are 35 feet or longer according to Ken Wagner. The average price being paid by his clients is between $35,000 and $40,000. That sounds as though Mast Marketing should be focusing, like Mobile Marketing, on the Upwardly Mobile.

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