Google: Video In, Groups Out, Lucky Stays

If you use, then there are some changes in that beautifully simple Home Page. Among the choices along the top, they’ve added the Google Video search. That bumped the Google Groups search into the more >> category. In Canada, is still showing the old choices but it presumably only a matter of time.

What is surprising in all this optimization of this precious real estate is that the [ I’m Feeling Lucky ] button under the search window is still hanging on. It’s acknowledged that it is rarely used, but it still seems to be a sacred cow, if we’re allowed to mix metaphors. One really useful search that more and more people should be using is Google Blogsearch. Yet that can only be found by a second click for even more >> and then you must search among a welter of options. I still feel that the [ I’m feeling lucky ] button should be replaced by a [ Search Blogs ] button. When it happens, remember you read it here first.

Tags: Google, Blogsearch