Doubling Forever – The Way To Get The World’s Attention

There’s a fascinating interview in the Mercury News out of San Jose, CA. It’s with Robert Scoble, ex-Microsoft since June, when he left to join, a start-up that creates programming for iPods and other portable video and audio devices. He may be the best-known blogger currently. His blog, Scobleizer, is credited with putting a more human face on corporate Microsoft.

Here’s the quote that triggered me to write this post:

It’s easy to get doubling effects inside a passion chamber — all the people who care about something will check it out. It’s hard to have it double forever. The trick is to know if it has a chance to jump from the passionate few to the unpassionate many.

Of course here in Montreal we’re all familiar with how doubling effects can be explosive with the story of fellow Montrealer, Kyle MacDonald, and that One Red Paper Clip.

Then Scoble’s response to a question on business blogging is something everyone should read:

Q Ford has started a blog, as have other corporations. Are corporate blogs something trendy or is something changing?
A Companies realize the power of the word-of-mouth network that is out there. A kid in Australia with five readers can get in the New York Times in a few days. Look how my news of leaving Microsoft got out. I told 15 people at a blogger conference and one of them wrote about it. Within an hour, it was on 500 blogs. Then I was in the mainstream media. The word-of-mouth network is so efficient now. Now you go on a photo forum and ask where should I buy a camera and you get 1,000 responses from around the world.

Go read the full article. You won’t regret it.

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