Autism And Pictures

Pictures Matter Too even though the Montreal Gazette is pushing its new slogan, “Words Matter“. There’s an article in the Gazette that shows that pictures are sometimes very much more powerful as a communication channel. They seem to work particularly well for autistic children.

Autism is a tough load for anyone to live with. If your child is autistic, how do you communicate? Well apparently pictures are one way of first establishing communication. As time goes on, then speech therapy may eventually succeed and words can become more important. But at first, pictures seem to matter more.

The Big Blue Hug is the website of Jason Goldsmith and his autistic son Ellis. The website contains many pictures drawn by Ellis as his way of communicating with his father and his world. Goldsmith’s idea is to spread autism awareness and to teach children tolerance, to value their autistic peers and give them a tool to actually talk to them. Such a website deserves our support, given its laudable goals.

Unfortunately although the website works with pictures, Google and the other search engines use robots that are blind to pictures. So Google won’t know about this website unless others talk about it. Well here’s one post that will perhaps bring a little more visibility to Jason and Ellis’s work. They certainly deserve it.

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