Academic Search From A Greater Height

Academic Search is perhaps the most valuable and difficult side of the whole search business. Isaac Newton said that he had achieved so much by standing on the shoulders of giants. Whether it was easier or harder in his day to find the giants would probably make a good thesis subject. However academic search has just been made somewhat easier through some improvements to Google Scholar.

Dr. Luiz Andr? Barroso, Google Distinguished Engineer, describes the changes as follows:

For every Google Scholar search result, we automatically determine which articles in our repository are most closely related to it. These articles are shown under the “Related Articles” link that appears next to each result. The articles are ranked primarily by their similarity to the original result, but the order also takes into account the relevance of each paper.

Even experts can sometimes be surprised to discover related work in their area of expertise. As Dr. Barroso said, “Think of it as a way to hop from one giant’s shoulder to the next!”

Tag: Google Scholar Search