Schwartz’s – a diamond in the rough

Schwartz’s, who hasn’t heard of them. We’ve written before about marketing and Schwartz’s World Famous Smoked Meat Deli on the Main in Montreal. How do they have people always lining up for their products? Well, Bill Brownstein of the Montreal Gazette has just published a book, Schwartz’s Hebrew Delicatessen: The Story, where you might hope to find the answer. Apparently he had to swear not to divulge the secret formula and then was shown almost all. So like the Coca Cola recipe or that of that Kentucky Colonel, the secret of Schwartz’s success remains a secret.

Well that’s not really true. The secret is very apparent. It’s the same way they market diamonds. Schwartz’s can seat only 61 diners at a time. You limit the supply and then make sure your marketing is just powerful enough to ensure demand outstrips supply. With only a few more potential purchasers than available products you can get a buying frenzy. Just think Cabbage Patch Kids or Xboxes. Schwartz’s is applying that same diamond marketing approach. .. and for those in the know, no pun is intended.

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