Mind Over Matter

When the Italians meet the French tomorrow in the World Cup Final of soccer, some of them will be using a secret weapon: their minds. Some of the Azzurri from AC Milan have been using a Mind Room. Not to be confused with a Think Tank nor the other Mind Room for learning difficulties, this Mind Room is a virtual place where you can achieve an optimal state of mind through biofeedback. By re-examining past athletic performance while in the Mind Room, you can learn to relax and focus your whole mind on successful outcomes.

According to the Montreal Gazette, the Mind Room used by AC Milan is supplied by Thought Technology of Montreal, the company founded by Lawrence Klein and Hal Meyers over 30 years ago. They now supply some of the most reliable biofeedback equipment to be found in the world. That’s just another indication of the worldwide prominence of Montreal in matters of the mind.

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