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MediaMiser sees itself as the Google of media-analysis software according to the Montreal Gazette. Of course Google does search the news media and images, but their weakness is that they always rely on computer algorithms to determine what is the most relevant items to display to the searcher. Only reluctantly will they do any human vetting and that is largely to reject information sources rather than to pass judgement.

Where MediaMiser wins out is that they apply human judgements to what the search process captures. Its team of consultants judge the stories to determine how they rate on the Critical / Balanced / Supportive scale. So they can give an informed view of how the world is seeing any given company’s public communications. Their methodology is rated highly by their clients, some of who are household names such as Home Depot, Labatt and Air Miles.

This Ottawa-based company was founded by Brett Serjeantson and Chris Morrison. They have been operating somewhat in stealth mode until this point but are now officially launching their company and their software. Surprisingly they seem to have relied only on a Media Release as of now. They do use the latest news collection tools available, including Real Simple Syndication (RSS) for monitoring online news and blogs. Perhaps it’s a case of the cobbler’s children going without shoes. I’m sure a business blog will not be long delayed. Until it appears, perhaps this post can bring them visibility on the blogosphere.

All success, MediaMiser. The only possible criticism is that your name may be too logical given that your competitors use crazy names such as Google and Yahoo! However David did slay Goliath.

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